Outstanding exam answers

Exam marking time again. Always a joy to record some of the more esoteric exam answers from students. Here are some of my past favourites from our first year paper:

Question: Briefly explain the term ‘wiki’.
Answer: A wiki is a pedia.

Question Is exporting e-waste ethical?
Answer 1. E-waste is not ethical because e-waste affects web page speed.
Answer 2. Yes.  As the renewing speed is growing quickly.

Question: Describe some advantages and disadvantages of using computers
Answer 1: A disadvantage of using computers is that lightning might strike your computer in bad weather.

Answer 2: If the computer crush, it will damage people, for example, if the airport crush by computer problem, the airship may accidented.
Actually, that last answer is correct, just expressed in rather idiosyncratic language. Looking forward to this year’s crop!

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