There are a few videos on the web that I thought may as well be linked here.

This one was for and was based on a presentation I gave at the Digital Campus and Blended Learning Innovation conference in Auckland in 2017

This one was produced by the publisher for my Java book.

This screencast was created for a paper published in IEEE Software. The video is hosted on the IEEE web site

These two videos, which show our work in virtual worlds, are available on YouTube. The first one shows an environment we developed for first year students in Second Life, the second shows some more specialised work we did for agile design in Open Wonderland.

These videos are on the Ministry of Education ‘Enabling e-learning’ web site, relating to the work we have done in conjunction with Orewa College on BYOD in the classroom.

This video shows the creation of the Rossmere School song, ‘Reach High at Rossmere’, which I helped to facilitate.