Foundational Java

The first edition of ‘Foundational Java’ was published by Springer in 2012. The second edition, with extensive updates, was published 2020. Further details of the book can be found at www.foundjava.comjava book

Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning

I co-edited this book, with Associate Professor Kathryn MacCallum, about agile and lean techniques in education, entitled ‘Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning: Bringing Methodologies from Industry to the Classroom’, published by Springer in 2019. Here are more details about the book from the Springer web site.

Mobile and Blended Learning

I co-edited Innovative Mobile Learning: Techniques and Technologies with my colleague, Dr Hokyoung Ryu of Hanyang University, Korea, published by IGI in 2009, and subsequently edited three annual compilations for IGI Global containing chapters from the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning, Combining E-Learning and M-Learning: New Applications of Blended Educational Resources (2011), Refining Current Practices in Mobile and Blended Learning: New Applications (2012) and Innovations in Mobile Educational Technologies and Applications (2013). The most recent publication in this area, Mobile and Blended Learning Innovations for Improved Learning Outcomes (2016), was an edited book of new material, rather than a compilation of journal papers.

mobile%20learning book    elearning%20book   e-learning%20book  e-learning%20book   e-learning%20book

Web Development

An earlier writing project was a series of books about web development. The first two of these were published by Cengage Learning (London) in 2008; Dynamic Web Application Development using PHP and MySQL (written with Simon Stobart of Teesside University in the UK) and Dynamic Web Application Development using XML and Java. The third book in the series, Dynamic Web Application Development using ASP.NET, written in collaboration with Andy Gravell of the University of Southampton (UK), was published in 2010. The Java and XML book has been translated into Spanish and Japanese.

PHP book     Java book     .NET book    Spanish Java book Japanese Java book

Out of Print Programming Books

My earlier programming books, ‘Object-Oriented Programming with C++’ and ‘Introductory Java’ in their various editions, are now both out of print. I doubt I will ever update the C++ book but if anyone else would like to take on the task I’d be happy to discuss it. Peter Knaggs started creating a C# book based on the content a few years back, but unfortunately did not complete the project.

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